Within my artistic research and practice I work with living organisms, biological materials and performance to examine the politics of affect and questions of agency.

Through a wider lens that acknowledges systems of power, I examine the emotions and aesthetics of disgust and fear.  I’m interested in the political implications and social impact, how affect can be manipulated, how external forces can exert an influence on an individual and the questions this poses for notions of agency.

Recently a specific focus has been on the fear of contagion and threat as it is registered within the body by rupturing ideas of its self-containment. Speaking of difference and the visceral body, I have been working with smells, body fluids, bacteria and swarms of insects because they resist containment, cross boundaries and are affectively potent. I seek to balance feelings of disgust and fear with an aesthetics of care. By emphasizing proximity I create a sense of intimacy to invite people in, not push them away.

My artistic practice is research-based and interdisciplinary, combining studies in the areas of biology, psychology with experiences in activism. This allows me to bring multiple perspectives, from both art and science as well as experience from privileged and more marginal positions.