Examining the politics of affect and questions of agency, I work with living organisms, biological materials, smell and performance. Working with difference, the visceral body and with ideas of contagion and care, I reflect positions from art and science as well as from privileged and more marginal positions.

A focus in my work is on the fear of contagion and how threat is registered within the body by rupturing the idea that it is self-contained. I have been working with smells, body fluids, bacteria, and swarms of insects because they resist containment, cross boundaries and are affectively potent. Most recently I have been moving from the study of fluidity, of both concepts and materials, to something more viscous that represents ideas of stickiness and resistance.

I seek to balance feelings of disgust and fear with an aesthetics of care, emphasizing proximity to invite people in, not push them away. Through material exploration I’m seeking generative potential within our reactions to difference.